Thursday, May 19, 2016

DIY Pallet Grow-Bag Tray


Finding space for many grow-bags with individual trays can be daunting - especially on a tight budget. 

I had some 50 grow bags of various sizes and shapes - purchased and homemade, using two different landscape fabrics. The bags were all over my gardening work area and it was getting more and more challenging to keep track of them and to find space for more. I even hung bags from the fence.

Fortunately, I purchased a lot of grow bags from a reputable source, and planted many plants in one-gallon bags. I knew I would find a way to group many of these same-sized bags into one tray. But how?

There is no shortage of grow-bag tray ideas online - from using kiddie pools for big bags, to using cardboard boxes lined with plastic for smaller bags.

So when I found out that a local business was giving away free pallets, I decided to make a tray out of one of them.

It was my first carpentry project - a pallet grow-bag tray.

I was using a whole pallet as a table to hold my bags. This table would now hold the new pallet tray. But first, I had to make sure the table was level so that the tray can evenly distribute water to the bags.

It was a huge success as I was able to place 39 one-gallon grow-bags on that pallet tray. And while I still have some organizational details to address, I can now easily water and keep track of my plants' progress. Plus, there is enough room on the table for one more pallet tray of the same size.

This is just the beginning. I foresee the ability to automate watering. Check out this link for some great watering automation ideas. That automation should give me the flexibility to be absent for short periods of time without worrying that my plants will dry out.

As with all my blog posts, I intend to write updates on the successes and failures of my gardening, so I hope you will check back. In the meantime, let me know what do you think about this project. And what other easy and inexpensive ideas you have seen or used to support grow-bags?

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  1. what a wonderful idea!! You are turning into your mom with all that awesome garden Lily :) Great Job!